01 September 2006

A year's head start? Come back and see...

It's now been a year and a week since hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans ('Narlins' to some natives)...

It's barely been two weeks since the ceasefire in Lebanon was proclaimed. An article by Sidney Blumenthal, Remembrance of Bush's fiascoes concludes with:

Consider: In the New Orleans black community of the Lower 9th Ward, only 200 of its original 14,400 residents have returned to their blasted homes. Though statistics are unavailable, it is likely that Hezbollah has already rebuilt more homes in southern Lebanon than Bush has a year after Katrina in the Lower 9th Ward.” (ed: emphasis ZENmud)

Will Sidney be proven correct? Can there be a reason that Bush-Rove-Cheney (BuRoChé) failed the citizens of Narlins?

Consider: Louisiana, and especially New Orleans was heavily Democratic; what happens to a city that loses a majority of its poor voters, many of whom have 'opted-out' of the return-to-Narlins. Could BuRoChé want a 'new-and-improved' southern city, rebuilt to entice more affluent (read: Republican) residents? According to Naomi Klein LINK (post of earlier today), the announced alliance of 'Big Aid' with 'Big Box' portends no better - that what little taxpayers are receiving in return for their taxes, has been 'lost' - into the pockets of BuRoChé's favorite corporations.

CrystelZENmud: the money collected by the government from its citiZENs should be used to help the greatest number of Iraqis or Narlinians, not to stuff the Swiss accounts of Pioneer Republican donors.


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