13 September 2006

Cultural FireWatch Tower...

Do you ever feel like you're in your sixth year of service in the world's loneliest Fire Tower, watching as a wall of dark, flaming clouds approaches? A flaming wall of destruction that has engulfed whole mountain ranges in a hellishly white-hot heat?

We are the Fire Watchers, we are the advance line of defense against the overwhelmingly destructive force that has radically changed our planet: what can we do?

Votes: you have one or more political votes a year; you have any number of thousands of dollar-votes flowing from your employers or investments, through your account(s) and off towards your beneficiaries: your family, your consumer-goods providers, the landlord, the taxman.

You sit or move through life with the conscious determination to spend your money where you will, whether at McDonalds or the bio-farmers' markets.

Your dollar-votes are the water that could stop the fire we see in America, an inferno built upon the hot air of this misAdministration, the fanning winds of the Republican MSM outlets.

By spending your dollar-votes wisely, a network like ABC Skews would not have an outlet for its expensive and un-sponsorable ...
(not for the reasons one might infer: this was a conscious decision by ABC to avoid backlash and boycott against its potential collaborators! Non?)


Example: if 400,000 people tell ABC they won't watch Monday Night Football, and that they are going to convince 10 friends each to go out for a communal ABC Truthwalk during those evening hours... they might listen. If 200,000 people demand of the sponsors of ABC Monday Night Football why they continue to advertise in face of ABC's known bias, what might those companies do?

That fire is powerful, it will take major shockwave-like therapeutic responses...


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