13 September 2006

Anderson and Olbermann for 2008

If a clear mind is something voters want as the next real President of the United States of America, a man who can speak, can bring to the fore the emotions of we cherished when great public speakers were walking the halls of power in Washington, DC, then these two gentlemen, Rocky Anderson

"Blind faith in bad leaders is not patriotism.

"A patriot does not tell people who are intensely concerned about their country to just sit down and be quiet; to refrain from speaking out in the name of politeness or for the sake of being a good host; to show slavish, blind obedience and deference to a dishonest, war-mongering, human-rights-violating president.

"That is not a patriot. Rather, that person is a sycophant."


Keith Olbermann could be the voices we yearn for!

" Terrorists did not come and steal our newly-regained sense of being American first, and political, fiftieth. Nor did the Democrats. Nor did the media. Nor did the people.

The President — and those around him — did that.

Stand by, to see what happens...


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