21 September 2006


Twenty-five years ago today, a drunk employee of a rental-car agency slammed my ass as he ACCELERATED up the old US Highway 6 in East Vail, Colorado. I doubled the world's pole-vault record, broke my leg, fileted my gastrocnemius muscle to 80 or 90 per cent. He drove about 70 mph (115kph)... I did some good damage to the roof of that Trans-Am :-)

Around the world, arsonists use ACCELERANTS: to entertain their pyromanic fantasies, their sickness to destroy in fire, their criminal intents and results.

This misAdministration uses its 'American Foreign Policy' as an accelerant, to entertain their economic fantasies, their sickness to destroy in warfare, their criminal intents and results.

Stunning? Frightening?

Bush the Lesser promotes his War FOR Terror, preaches on the sins of Iran's democratically elected President; warns and threatens, cajols and insinuates... while hard evidence exists that eclipse each tired, tried and dried-out line he repeats sans cesse.

Dontcha wish someone like Hugo Chavez would do a Tanya Harding on George? (Don't I wish I wrote that sentence yesterday morning???)

Que caballero, este hombre!

And Rice will again comment probably (knowing what she already did say) that "no one ever thought that South Americans were so hostile to our President and our values...", or some misguided falderall...


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