01 September 2006

Our President... returning to the TORY party

Dubya never wanted a 'War on Terror'... it's obvious from the start, my friends.

This is nothing but a War FOR Terror. This 'idiot son of an a$$hole' went way beyond the sane, in turning the world's greatest crime (WTC, 9-11) into his crusade FOR Terror. With the unleashing of our military, he created the perfect recipe for a thousand-fold increase in global violence...

Because anyone knows that to win a War on Terror would mean reducing it.


So George, who knows exactly which direction is correct, who knows exactly what decision is the right one (that needn't ever be revisited), is falsely stating what he and his Halliburton boys are out to achieve. More war, war reconstruction, war profiteering and disaster capitalism (see today's prior post).

I made a cartoon for Bartcop and he published it April 8, 2006. You can see it there or just below this line:

Is this not presciently pointing towards the events of this fall? :-?

Bush, his family and their Loyalists (the Tories are back?! hmmm...) know well how to slip across continents and convince foreign powers that their future will be more corruptly powerful, and the stakes are only getting higher... October surprises may be early this year, as Bush needs to win Congress, to stave off his dethronement.


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