08 September 2006

Holiday riding... economic-history class

Was out for a 65km ride yesterday, under thin clouds, and was reflecting on a scene from Stone's film NIXON... in which, it was hypothesized, Nixon met with the Birch-fringe of American radical right on the eve of the Kennedy assassination. The 'Jack Jones' character portrayed by Larry Hagman, supposes that “These are dangerous times for business...”

This triggered a question, an Epiphany, concerning the foundation of America's rabid anti-communism: what was the basis for our angst? Were we afraid of Communism per se? Of the 'slavery of peoples' and its progress towards 'enslaving the world'? Was it as brutally simple as to get Nixon and others of their ilk elected? As Republicans nourish WalMart Americans' fear of Terrorism, by their War FOR Terrorism?


(Anthony Hopkins as Richard M. Nixon)

Were we affected in our quests for market domination by American business interests? A country that 'went communist' would not be buying Fords, or Pepsi, or McDonald's billions of hamburgers in quantities that would allow our post-war expansion to endlessly progress.

It is clearly an issue, but whether sustainable or not, remains a crystelZENmud question to return to...


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