20 September 2006

RENAISSANCE of Responsibility... part II (of II)

The coming election, the November achievement: this election will produce the end or salvation of America as it is dreamed of; it will produce the end or salvation of the international legal system.

America remembers the claims of President Bush and his misAdministration, when proclaiming that the 'mandate' won in November 2004 granted them authority to advance, into more radical territories.

If America appears to elect “freely and fairly” another Republican Congress in 2006 through Diebold vote manipulation, the greater likelihood is war throughout the Middle East of a scale not seen in our times, with asymmetrical theaters of activity: a fulfillment of what USAMA bin Laden has sought from the beginning. [sidebar: you are aware that Bush CO 'changed the name you just read to OSAMA bin Laden sometime around THE event, right? Here's proof: the FBI TEN MOST WANTED list... or this page]

Democrats could and should find key allies in the Republican Party, the not-George's-base faction, who may be willing to concede an election for the necessary renaissance of responsibility that only can blossom through a complete repudiation of the Bush Doctrine, the Rumsfeld Protocols, the Cheney Imperatives, and the Rice Confusions.

Their aid, votes or assistance would bring a victory to the Democratic Party, which could constitute profound investigations. Moreover, most evidence of malfeasance is already documented, in the series of Senate and House Minority Party reports authored by Representative Henry Waxman and many others.

Republicans have a moral responsibility to repent their fervent and blind following of a media-constructed, media-inflated and media-absolved demagogue, and their willingness to believe misAdministration lies - to the detriment of their country. This atonement would be realized with support of Democratic Congress and Senatorial Committee hearings on the lies of George W Bush, that brought America to:

- forgive the Supreme Court for violating its own precedents, in order to hear and erroneously decide the Bush v Gore case;
- forgive the negligent or willful acts that ignored, allowed or misinterpreted proper prevention or responses to September 11;
- forgive the abusive nature of negligent arming and deploying military forces: first in Afghanistan, secondly in Iraq;
- forgive the environmental lies forced out of the mouth of the EPA, concerning toxic wastes from the sustained combustion of World Trade Center combustibles;
- forgive the lies on Iraq's WMD, which reached apogee at the 2002 State of the Union address, lies that sustained Bush through the 2002 campaigns and election;
- forgive Sec'y of Defense Rumsfeld's ego-inflated under-commissioning of personnel and materials;
- forgive the hubris of the series of Secretaries of State and National Security Advisors, who witnessed great humanity-changing events and undertook distortions in fulfillment of misAdministration policy achievements;
- forgive the deliberate lack of response to hurricane Katrina's ethnic cleaning of New Orleans;
- forgive the misAdministration's fascist collusion with a willing and willful press to distort coverage of its opponents, and of its achievements.

This two-part essay started with evidence of the corruption of the events: buying 'terrorists' puts cash into the very theater in which the terrorists thrive. The 'vicious circle' (or Vicious CiraqLE) of buying non-terrorists to justify building more prisons in which more rights can be denied through heinous torture activities by allies of a misAdministration who pass taxpayer funds to their campaign contributors...

Calls for a RENAISSANCE of Responsibility...


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