20 September 2006

Essay: a VICIOUS CiraqLE... part I (of II)

Abu Bakker Qassim brought his voice and experience(s) into the discussion of policies undertaken by this misAdministration, through an article in yesterday's International Herald Tribune. The following sentence, Hallelujah oh my brothers and sisters, the smoking gun of yesteryear, the stake through a vampiREPUBlican's heart:

I was never a terrorist or a soldier. I was never even on a battlefield. Pakistani bounty hunters sold me and 17 other Uighurs to the US military like animals for $5,000 a head. The Americans made a terrible mistake.”

Prediction: Mr Qassim doesn't know how far that one published sentence may go.


Reflection: Someone in the United States Army, Marines, or CIA Special Forces, had a huge pocketful of taxpayer dollars. He or she 'bought' 17 'terrorists' like animals to put into jail, for $85,000, eventually for at least one, to voyage to Guantanamo.

Another 17 prisoners, to feed, clothe and house in Afghanistan.
[who paid who to house, guard, feed, and clothe? Hint: Taxpayers pay in; George pays his Pioneers...]

With the $85,000 we paid Pakistani bounty hunters? They surely bought more bullets, a stolen 4x4 or three... and who sold that to them? Their suppliers took their cut and planted more poppies, to produce more heroin.

Another 17 prisoners (Some at least) to transport to Guantanamo, Cuba, and feed, clothe, guard and interrogate.
[who paid who – to fly, guard, feed, house, clothe and prosecute (and deny rights)?]

How did the subcontractors, who feed off of the PMCIC*, vector off at least 30 to 80 per cent of the government funds for which they wallow like the pigs in Animal Farm, prior to subcontracting out the actual work... that may or may not get done?

Of those 17 prisoners, how many could testify against the bottom-feeders on a chain-of-command that destroyed their own lives, and American military legal standards, via a series of unprecedentedly poor, and unprecedentedly hors jeux, memoranda of procedures to follow, profoundly corrupting the complex and fragile international legal system?

* Petroleum-Military-Communications-Industrial-Complex


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