01 September 2006

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I fell into Bartcop.com some years ago, from a fellow Democrat living in Geneva, Switzerland. Being that ol' Bart holds forth from the Bartcop Castle in Oklahoma, we both were in high schools around Denver in the same era, although I think he graduated two years ahead of me. Visit his site for:

'Today's Tequila Treehouse: a modem, a smart mouth and the truth!'

Buzzflash.com rocks, with constantly updated stories concerning the sad state of American government, with a strongly anti-Bush bias. Links dominate, provocative headlines and a selection of available books all designed to throw light into the BuRoChéan moonscape.

And you need to balance the causes with the effects:
Riverbend 's BAGHDAD BURNING is an award-winning Iraqi survivor that has, for three years now, been able to connect our world to hers with a stunning command of English, and a forlorn aspect is now dominating her entries (her blog is hosted at blogspot.com , and this was instrumental for my choice to be hosted here)

Temper anger with scathing humor? Then the Get Your WAR On site is what you need. The author is a throwback to the best of Saturday Night Live!... or the National Lampoon in its heyday. The archives can bring tears to your eyes, as you scroll through the true history of BuRoChé's actions... (link goes to page #57)

TomDispatch by Tom Engelhardt will offer his own columns, or those of his selected contributors, each of which has depth and insight beyond the blogosphere.

ConsortiumNews by Robert Parry may be, as Bartcop says, the most important site on the internet. At least for his encyclopedic knowledge of the history surrounding all the Bushes and their alliances and dalliances... Robert can be repetitious but it's for a just cause!

Visit Democraticunderground.com religiously each Monday for the weekly 'Top Ten Republican Idiots': laugh all you want as their writers wryly offer outraged analyses of the never-ending BuRoChéan follies. Find their internal link down the right column...

You can't not read Dahr Jamail; he is in Iraq often, and writes as if journalism wasn't dead-on-arrival: certainly not the US MSM-style that prevents patriotic discourse.

If you're already aware of these, spread the word: America is at stake, and the recovery from massive corruption and theft will take generations, if it becomes at all possible.


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