05 January 2007

TWO Solutions...

Li'l ZENnies... greetings. This is your draft notice: the only way Republicans can think of, to withdraw the USA from Iraq (news yesterday) is to 'Shill and kill':

They are going to shuck and jive while the Chaos reigns another two years, run the dirtiest campaign (since their last efforts) they can think of, and if they lose the Presidency, hang ou
t the poor Democratic president who, as we read Jerry Ford's embargoed interview only a week or less before, will be forever

'known as the President that lost Iraq."

But devoted ZEN'ers have already read the obvious-to-ZEN solution here before: pay any country that is sufficiently well-endowed (in the military sense), and is acceptable to a clear majority of all three Iraqi families - Shi'ia, Sunni or the Kurds combined, as well as with at least 20 percent of any one tribe, to take over our occupational duties.

This was well-outlined in the 29 November ZENmud post: "Ask Iraqis, Stupid"

Then, updated for your further neural consumption with "Still in IRAQ, ONLY ONE SOLUTION"

But the second solution is not hidden, and ZENners know that I am hardly, or far from, the first one to discuss it, but:

Here it is: Bush must leave office.

That is not harsh, perjurative, anti-Bush or pro-Democrat: it is one jurist's assessment of the long struggle against BushCO, and the obvious-from-observation sentiment of logic: as long as this man is President, he will never support a sea-change on Iraq.

He can't.

It first makes everything he believes, and of which he spews neverendingly, a lie and usurpation of the Constitutional powers he has tarnished forever.

He can't allow the Chaos
(I better again attribute this to ole Bart at Bartcop.com) to end...

As Mallory said in "A Fistful of Dynamite":
"The Revolution,
is Confusion..."

(the Sergio Leone film about the Mexican revolution: John Mallory played by James Coburn; brilliant film! Climbing fast on the list of ZEN-known classic films)

And clearly, as the likes of Harriet Mier take a long deserved 'vacation' (taxpayer-expensed? aka Leavenworth?), running out as 'real attorneys' move in to offer such advice as Floyd Landis first received after his apparent (and doubt-filled) abnormal testosterone-test (this is not to say either named is guilty, but poor advice abounds in the most crucial nano-hours after a publicity-crisis-explosion).

So this ramble tells present ZENistas: there will come a day when you know that the evidence is bad against you. Be prepared, and get out of the way, if your the woman that thinks President Bush is 'the most brilliant man she ever met' (Wikipedia quoting David Frum).

But I do think Harriet is "more brilliant" than George the Lesser:

Afterall, as Mr. Peabody might say:

"Which one is still in the White House?"

Gee, Mr. Peabody....


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