12 January 2007

"Thou shalt not kill"

My ZEN friends, I, your Humble Narrator...
[WARNING: a horrible photo, real Iraqi situation, follows below]

... was checking what's on at
Bartcop, when I noticed his postings included one of his best features: Monkey Mail (go check it out!)
Some rodent-right winger had the gall to write him the following, and my reply is below (KEY: Monkey mail in Red, my reply to Bart in Yellow:

"But I'll tell you what...replacing our Republic with an atheistic,
drug-addled socialist nanny-state isn't a solution either.

Two dogs fucking" (his nickname chez Bartcop)

So I wrote:
Hey Bart!
Send him here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_Keynesianism

Remember as you do so well, that Republicans bred their hatred of having 'atheistic, drug-addled socialist nanny-state', in the early Roosevelt years, with his New Deal.

But if you or he read this entry at WIKI... he's bound to apologize.

We've shifted from countercyclical deficit spending to boost an under-achieving economy, to PERPETUAL deficit spending to boost a military economy.

Fewer handouts to the poor; more manna for the War Machine;

More enemies abroad: more manna for the War Machine.

More Post-Traumatic Stess syndrome returning GI's; more police needed.

More crime; more Prisons needed.

Perpetual hate forever: the Republican way!!



Now I could add that since we have our first confirmed frat-boy drug addicted former-alcoholic AWOL-from-National Guard boy as
pResident, we've already the 'drug-addled' part...and since Christians know "Thou shalt not kill" Exodus 20:13, we seem to have the atheistic part, and if you follow my links to the WIKI on 'Military Keynesianism' you'll find as much evidence of socialism (for which Encyclopaedia Britannica defines as:
"a socio-economic system in which property and the distribution of wealth are subject to social control.[1]

The distressing photo above, found at www.jesus-is-savior.com, carries this following caption:
"An old Iraqi man suffers in silence
after American/British bombing attack"

So, ZEN'ers, stay cool while bush the lesser continues his pre-Armagideon burn, ...what else can we do?

The power we need is coming... it worked for the Dixie Chicks!


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