10 January 2007

Corruption ALERT

I usually start by thanking Buzzflash or other hot-news sites for their leads and links to articles such as this one found at Alternet: The 10 Most Brazen War Profiteers

It points clearly to the abuses of this misAdministration, which ceaselessly has granted inordinate amounts of contract-cash to Bush the Lesser's Pioneers, and other campaign contributors (excerpt from Charly Cray's September 6, 2006 article):

"The history of American war profiteering is rife with egregious examples of incompetence, fraud, tax evasion, embezzlement, bribery and misconduct. As war historian Stuart Brandes has suggested, each new war is infected with new forms of war profiteering. Iraq is no exception. From criminal mismanagement of Iraq's oil revenues to armed private security contractors operating with virtual impunity, this war has created opportunities for an appalling amount of corruption. What follows is a list of some of the worst Iraq war profiteers [.....]"

Profits on the supply-end, here at home, feature a form of Military Keynesianism, which has your Humble Narrator perplexed greatly.

Why be distressed, ZENmud?

Simply put: if a ZENista has studied her or his macro Economics book, the message is clear, that Keynesianism is a feel-good, socialist, Big Government program, that takes wealth from taxing the well-to-do and passing that cash, through 'unnecessary' government programs to the poor: this is the simple reason most Republicans hated Roosevelt prior to the involvement of the USA in WWII.

This at a time when US investment in England had stagnated, between the two World Wars, while US investment in Germany increased some 40 per cent, including investments held by the Bush family, including Bush the Lesser's great-grandfather George Herbert Walker, president of Union Banking Corporation, and father to
Prescott Sheldon Bush, whose one share of UBC stock garnered a payout of $1.5 MILLION, when the assets of this corporation were distributed, upon its dissolution by the US Government after the war.

So what?

If US conservatives believe that Keynes was wrong, and thus Keynesianism to be the Devil's work, then how did that change 180 degrees, now that 'Military Keynesianism' is driving the United States into perhaps irremediable financial ruin?

One needed rely on crystelZENmud, mes chers amis... read on!

(Image credit: NOAA showing heat
generation on American continents)

On the Brink of Disaster by Franco Berardi

GAO Chief Warns Economic Disaster Looms
by Matt Crenson, AP

My dear readers: our immediate future, as St. Exupéry stated, is borrowed from 'our children'... the shame is on all who don't act boldly!


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