12 December 2006


It gets old, little Zen'ners, trying to convince the world as it stands to accept the only viable solution for the American Travesty undertaken as Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), and it is a ZENmud solution, the only ONE solution: as good as a former UN Specialized Agency consultant in law can achieve:

ask the Iraqis!

Ask this Boy, Ali Ismail Abbas

One of the first media-victims of the illegal Bush Neocon war in Iraq... a young boy whose dream was to be a doctor someday.

sk these fathers (scroll way down)

Who carry their dead children to graves overcharged with young bodies...

Ask these women...

Who sit in the blood of young neighbors, or grandchildren, or their own families' fathers...


How any solution of an American Origin would stop the American-perpetrated Iraqi Civil War?

The United States has only one available solution:

Ask Iraqis who could come in, under US funding, and replace the 150 thousand US soldiers, as a force of invitation and security, instead of a US force of occupation and hostility.

There must be a country, or a region of the world, from whom Iraqis could agree that their presence in replacement of the US forces, for a period hopefully less than two years, would provide a totally different aspect to the relationship now determining daily revolt, insurrection and sectarian violence.

ZENmud knows you see the light: US funds supporting some other army, US force withdrawal, Iraqi pacifism emerging painfully from our nightmare of aggressive torture and war crimes...

Bush the Lesser! Save the world from your sense of justice, by changing that aspect of your defective personality!


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