07 January 2007

The SHAME of Bush

Happy Sunday Morning, to my growing family of ZENistas, ZEN'ers and mere mortal visitors... :-)

It dawns on this Macrovisionary author, that the SHAME of Bush the Lesser is about to be fully revealed, and this through the binocular-vision of this recent retirement. A retirement, of one of the most overPETER-Principle'd personalities to (dis)grace the halls of our White House: Harriet Oh-Miers...

"Abu, and IEDs and EIDs, oh-My!
Abu, and IEDs and EIDs, OH-Miers!"

(Apologies to MGM, Dorothy and Toto)

"But... what has this all to do with the SHAME of Bush the Lesser?"

L'il ZEN'ers, come down the path of second-level analysis with your Humble Narrator:

A woman that has been THE LEGAL AUTHORITY within OUR White House, and one who apparently was in perfect alignment with such 'notable eminent legal authorities' as former Attorney General John ASSCROFT (click here for proper spelling: my keyboard won't function that way...) or present AG Alberto 'Torture?YES' Gonzales, is walking away.

As was herein said a couple days ago, she faces, in due course, a session of interrogations by inquisitive, and hopefully a shade inquisitorial, Democratic Committees (Foreign Affairs, Defense, you name it!).

She will be invited to weigh-in on the Gonzales Torture Memo (written while that idiot was White House Counsel), she will be invited to render a true accounting of a hundred thousand decisions (probably of which more than 99,992 were illegal, immoral and WRONG), and?

She will be replaced by men. (I am far from a sexist, but there is a subtle, Machiavellian point here)

And this is the SHAME of Bush the Lesser: that happy-Harriet was good-enough to be a 'Yes-Woman' to a sad, demented President and sociopath, in his quest to destroy Iraq, steal their oil revenue, and create the Chaos that allows perpetual theft... But Sad-Harriet is not good enough, legally, to get this Monster-President through the hell he will endure, from this week forward until whatever exit the thing-man Bush the Lesser chooses to leave and slither away to his Paraguayan hideaway.

Harriet: you supported Bushit, you condoned Bushit, and you are leaving Mr. President.

The Shame, is that he entrusted your Counsel to guide his mutilation of our beloved Constitution, the rights it guaranteed to our citizenry, which of course is now irretrievably sullied: by yourself, Gonzales and ASScroft.

Who's your attorney, Oh-my-Miers??



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