31 January 2007

Powers of the Petulant...

Never underestimate, or 'misunderestimate' the powers retained by the mentally unstable Petulant Bush... li'l ZENistas, as Bush the Lesser migrates further into his bubble-boy-ness, as Karl Turd-Blossom Rove becomes more agitated by the approaching destruction of his since-childhood dreams of racial supremacy and narcissistic überpsychoses combining to become Neo-conservative failures in every sense of the word... Bush the Lesser will soon, perhaps, find himself seeking another planet to destroy!

How much further, ZEN'ers, how much longer, can Petulant Bush drive his military forward in the lost cause, the box Pandora was warned NOT to open, the greatest military error ever committed by a US Commander-in-Chief?

Here's to his future EXILE, my friends...


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