02 January 2007

Saddam and Abraham: the link???

Outrage grows in Iraq, over the timing and circumstances of the hanging lynching martyring whatevering of Saddam Hussein, as the last act on the World Stage in 2006.

And curiously some question by who's decisions his hasty death was achieved?

And ZENmud questions: did those who act, know that this Islamic holiday honors Abraham? As a "commemoration of Prophet Ibrahim's (Abraham) willingness to sacrifice his son Ismael for God ."

So that if George the Lesser is passing a subliminal message towards increasing the Iraqi CHAOS so as to absorb even longer durations of the conflicts and the THEFTS being undertaken by a good percentage of his contractors, it seems sad that he would choose the very day that honors Abraham, father of Judaism and Christianity... it can't have but negative outcomes: like every single Middle-eastern foreign policy decision to come out of this malignant Oval Office...


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