29 November 2006

Ask the IRAQIS, stupid...

It boggles an exceptional mind, how US-centric decisions from Washington DC have added debacle upon depravity beyond despair.

Bush the Lesser and his stagnant neocon minions never thought to ask IRAQIS if they wanted a US force-intervention to oust Saddam Hussein.

Those neoconartists never asked IRAQIS if we should provisionally banish all Iraqi armed forces, and dissolve the Ministry of the Interior, on whose payroll were the Iraqi national police forces.

They never asked IRAQIS to accept 'reconstruction' under usurists' terms, by foreign, predominantly US corporations, whose mere presence presaged corruption, theft, diversion of funds, fraud, cost-overruns, shoddy service, inedible food (to military canteens under Rumsfeld's – and the Pentagon's – penchant for Private Military Industrial outsourcing.

They never asked IRAQIS through what means of reconcilation could the various Iraqi communities constitute their own government, rather than impose the foreign, Western concept of 'democracy' on a people who for generations have known only colonization, dictatorships and war.

And this Bush misAdministration, as well as the incoming Democratic Congress, certainly will not ask the IRAQIS how the US can transition from its overwhelming series of deadly failures: failures of pre- and post-invasion planning, of administering, of reacting, of bravado and hubris.

ZENmud raised the issue with a prior post, entitled

The Glass is TOO Large

... yet this issue of the survival and nation-rebuilding of the Iraqi state has been surgically grafted onto the future viability of the Republican Party.



Mr and Mrs Iraqi, Mr and Mrs Syrian, or Iranian: United States leadership (a term used with distaste) has destroyed the equilibrium of this important region, through the conscious decision to foist war upon your country and region. We accept the devastation we have wrought, as being unjust, unfounded and beyond unnecessary.

We cannot ask for your forgiveness, but we who follow the deceptive Bush administration are burdened morally and economically with restitution questions, for which we seek your advice...

Who would you invite into Iraq, to replace the American occupying forces, provide stable neutral security, for a transitional period of approximately 18 months? The United States will bear the financial burdens for this transition, and would equally request your input as to the countries, NGOs or INGOs, and companies, that can truly rebuild the devastation and horrors from this unjust war?

We beg your input, we beseech you to allow us to offer the means for you – and people you trust - to restore your pride as Iraqis...”

This is the ONLY just solution.


Probably two years (or ELECTIONS) too late...


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