09 January 2007

HOAX report: Saddam on the moon?!!

My favorite ZEN'ers, bonjour!

I read today at this blog I mentioned yesterday, that websites around the Islamic world are passing the photo you are about to see, with claims that Saddam's face appears.

This is pure PhotoShop work: see for yourself. O
n the left a photo of the moon, in it's fullest phase, and on the right, the SaddamMoon shot. I included the wording I found, without a translation.

There's enough problems in that part of the world, caused by only one President. They won't be reduced by claiming Saddam is in the skies above.

This is done by taking a photo of the ex-dictator, fading it 50% or more, and adding it over a photo of the moon. Very easy.

The author said that the source of this photo did not 'trick' it; thus he couldn't have been the original source. See how this one unfolds...


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