05 January 2007

Nancy and Harriet or: Year of the NancySMASH

Lawyers supposedly know things, and are even given professional client-attorney privilege, correct?

And if the woman once hailed as a 'great candidate for the US Supreme Court', has chosen to resign on the same the very historic day that Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi rises to the highest Federal elected office as-yet held by a woman.

So MARK your ZEN pages for the soon-come scandals and denouement in Congress, as Speaker of the House Pelosi yields her NancySmasher to gavel hearing upon hearing upon hearing onto these poor sad Republicans...

I hope she's been lifting weights... :-) Poor Harriet Miers leaves the same flippin' day that Ms. Pelosi has subpeona power handed to her and her esteemed patriotic brethren and sistren (?) of the House...

Nancy SMASHER! "It's a gas gas gas"

What a ZENday, ZEN'ers...


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