14 November 2006

Voting in the USA...

Statistically, it was about 20 per cent of United States voters that saved the entire population from the policies of His 'Anus George W Bush, and the neocon/religious factions that drove forward those policy positions he took: some of the most heinous in US history.

Forty per cent of the total voting public were present; thus somewhere near 19 per cent voted for the 'stay the course which we assure is evolving' Republican ticket.

Some would ponder whether the question of voting has become such a meager necessity for today's citizens.

Some would ponder whether the voting machine fiascos of years past were in evidence this year.

I would hazard a guess, that the overwhelmingly dark, Machiavellian forces that guide Karl Rove and his disciples in crime, saw in this year an overwhelming tide rising against them. Give me credit for thinking of them as darkly as they think of you, citizens of the United States. And give me credit for this thesis:

Rove told his voting-machine-Army to leave the machines alone this time.

Why would he do this? Simply put: to give the 'voting conspiracy theorists' NOTHING to work with, in anticipation of the Presidentials in 2008.

Analysis: If I had been instrumental in turning three successive elections, through various nefarious voting-machine activities, towards 'my' Republican party, and had estimated the percentage of fraudulent votes that would be required to keep the Senate and House in Republican control, I might easily convince myself that the resulting numbers were across-the-board too high.

High enough to attract obvious investigations at State-level, if not national. High enough to sway public opinion towards manifest re-regulation of voting machine technology, programming and performance. High enough, to lose any chance of manipulating the coming Presidential election of 2008.

And my choice? Why not 'call off the dogs' for this election? Given the typical US media or citizen's short-term focus, a 'fairly-fair' election would let me hibernate and sophisticate my election strategy for the next election cycle...


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