21 November 2006

Thoughts on James Carville: ex-genius...

Let's start here: it took the Republican party, after the Watergate-Carter 1970s, about 14 years to build a grass-roots network that enabled their 1994 Contract with (or “On”?) America, which allowed them to break the long, dominant stretch of Democratic Congresses, enabling their half-generation of anti-Clinton, and PRO-Bush majorities in Congress.

It took Howard Dean, former front-running Presidential candidate*, only TWO years.

In the face of right-wing-biased media, which nailed shut the Dean campaign, with its false-light portrayal of his purely American enthusiasm, Howard learned the media lesson just as one would hope John Kerry, or Hillary Clinton would learn it also:

'Fool me once, shame on me: fool me twice, shame on you!'

And thus, less than a week after this sumptuous and redeeming victory, a fool stepped forward, a media-darling since his 'heroic' victory as campaign manager for Bill Clinton – James Carville – to portray in a similar false light, this stunning reversal of Political Washington, as sought by the MSM.

James Carville, having perhaps the only 'gravitas' sufficiently engrained in the American Psyche to so render himself, has proved willing to perform this MSM hatchet-job... that Karl Rove would be proud to have been acknowledged as the auteur.

Within two weeks of this massive political Republican Party MELTDown, the MSM has already created the 'Fragile Nancy Pelosi' issue-bias, instead of reporting on the merits of the Hoyer-Murtha challenge for the House Majority Leader post; it has also created the 'Dean's a loser' Carville-ian dementia that is probably being repeated as often as Fox promotes its OJ Simpson blood-lust-hypotheticating-event.

Why would a right-wing MSM ("Main Stream Media") want to froth up the soup about Pelosi and Dean, as much as it wanted to skewer John Kerry in 2004?

One reason – not yet discussed – that I've thought: these become a manufactured opportunity to 'cripple' the Democratic victory, in the eyes of the American public.

Its aftermath will provide necessary doubt for the opening of the 2007 Congressional year, slated with investigations on:

  • September 11;
  • the lead-up to, and the initiation of the war in Iraq; and,
  • the financing of its subcontractors, and reconstruction efforts.

Taking out the man that united the party, and the woman that is destined to lead the Democratic Congress, are simple ASSASSINATION attempts, clean, useful 'preventative medicine' for the 2008 Republican political efforts to retain the presidency...

*This author was briefly associated to Candidate Dean's 'Foreign Policy Telephone Group', in 1999-2000.


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