22 November 2006

A tribute to President Kennedy...

Today is HIS day... and a great reminder of his voice is found through BUZZflash, and their columnist, Brent Budowsky, writing with the voice of our President, assassinated by 'those who hate Democrats.'

Excerpt: "
My fellow Americans:

"On November 22 four decades ago I left you, and for those of you who think of me, let me ask a personal favor: reflect for a moment on the world we lived in, the things we believed in, the deeds we did, and the Nation we left in trust for you.

"I was born as America was winning the First World War, was young when America won the Second World War, and was President when America was winning the battle of ideas that led to our victory in the Cold War.

"History teaches lessons; here are some I pass on, to you..."

I was six when you died, John, and 26 when I started to read about what and who killed you: the surest proof that Kennedy(s) were killed by Republicans is the long life of those Republican presidents that have harmed the United States so much...

(Photo credit and gratitude to: Cavhooah.com )



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