23 November 2006

Thanks(AT LAST)giving...

When giving thanks today, consider the entirety of that for which you are rejoicing:
  • Living in the 'land of the free' carries a price: responsibility.
  • Having a roof over your head(s) excludes reflection upon those who don't.
  • Leftovers galore might have been rejoicefully received by one who holds her belly in pain.
And as citizens, if you are, of the United States, means understanding to the root core, that which your government is doing in your own name... with your sweat-money in its coffers.

In the next month, President Bush will do all he can to retain the power to which he has become addicted: if you pray today, pray that he doesn't end all that, for which you are presently giving thanks.

I pray, that those that have wronged someone close to them, or far away in other lands, give the greatest gift: their heartfelt apologies, for all that they supported, and enabled to be inflicted on the world, in the name of the United States.

The hopes of our children are primordial...


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