03 November 2006

Repost: Sobriety test: the Department of HomeSec...

[originally posted September 12, 2006 : the HomelandSec page has not yet been corrected]

I guess it's too much to ask the good Americans at Homeland Security to keep their simplest War FOR Terror concepts clearly indicated...

I posted this link to DepHomeSec in y-day's post. That page renders the timeline of official Homeland Security Advisory System announcements: the yellow > Orange > RED (since we've apparently forgotten the -green- and -blue- zones). I got dizzy reading it, and you'll see why here, exclusively at crystelZENmud...

Look closely at the headers on the page; if DHS cannot keep their own threat-assessment values straight, how can any American take them seriously?

Green > Blue > Yellow > Orange > RED

RED > Orange > Yellow > Blue > Green

(“Hey, that's EASY, kids!”)

Now, regard the sequence from February 27, 2003 until May 30, 2003 (the headers of which are reproduced here with 100 per cent accuracy: words 'raised' and lowered' in bold by ZENmud)...

March 12, 2002
Introduction of Homeland Security Advisory system at
February 27, 2003 (“All clear”)
Lowered from
Orange to Yellow

March 17, 2003 (The pre-war warnings)
Raised from
Orange to Yellow
???? Hello? DHS? You don't "raise" to Yellow)

April 16, 2003 (“All clear”)
Lowered from
Orange to Yellow

May 20, 2003 (Terr'ism in S.Arabia and Morocco)
Raised from
Orange to Yellow (????)

May 30, 2003 – (“All clear”)
Lowered from
Orange to Yellow

Should we give them the benefit of the doubt? No.

I can't believe that someone in this Republican misADMINistration is stupid enough (hint: yes, I can...) to leave such a blatant confusing mistake on their page for months, maybe even for now three years' running?
(if you're perplexed, remind yourSelf how one raises AND lowers warnings from same-color to same-color?

It boggles the mind that one could raise and lower from Orange to Yellow repetitively, and that a supervisor approved that... Might it have been a Katrina-associated oversight?

Arrogance in manipulation, should at least be associated with perfection in its application...


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