27 November 2006

Republicans = Key to IMPEACHMENT 2007

I was reading Buzzflash and weighed in on the "what to do about impeaching Bush the Lesser?" reader's input, which you could (maybe?) read at this LINK (at least as long as the link remains).

Or you can read it Here, Craig, Live, NOW:

Republicans are key...

Nixon didn't agree to resign until approximately 20% of sitting Congressional Republicans were ready to vote for his impeachment.

Without that 20%, the Democrats would not have had a filibuster-proof majority.

There is no difference now, and that is how Clinton never came to the brink: the few impeachment-oriented Democrats were not a high-enough percentage for his Presidency to be threatened.

So, when investigations against Bush OR Cheney, together or individually, are sufficient to sway enough Republicans (out of self-survival reasons, if not for the 'Rule of Law' reasons) to come over and vote against their misAdministration, the impeachment apparatus can roll forward.

Good argument earlier: impeach Bush, get Cheney. Remember, again, Agnew resigned due to an indictment to which he pleaded nolo contendre.

A similar path could be: Democrats hold investigation powers, evidence, on Bush-Iraq and Cheney-Halliburton/Energy Task Force...

Democrats force Bush to the table: sacrifice Cheney (resigns under indictment), and have option to 'appoint' new VP, conditional to Dem (we pray) Senate control and approval (so a potentially attractive Rep Presidential 2008 Candidate), have that individual sworn into office, and then Bush, facing likely Democratic PLUS Republican votes to impeach, resigns in 2008.

Vietnam is to Iraq
Nixon is to Bush

Logic = decisions


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