06 November 2006

This is a test...

This is a test of the United States citizen's alert network.

The next 21 sentences offer readers a sequence of unquestionable facts:

1. President Bush has expressed unwavering faith in the election results from Tuesday's Congressional races – that his Republican Party will not be defeated.

2. Bush has signed the Military Commission Act of 2006 into law.

2a The second Section of this Act (An Act which establishes all 'proper' procedures to accommodate the Bush Administration's intense desire to continue its torture and repression of detainees with minimal connections to terrorism) specifically offers an exception through which the President can create even more repressive commissions in case of martial law being declared.

2b Within the context of the MilCom Act, its application is expanded to include “any person subject to this chapter, who, in breach of an allegiance or duty to the United States, knowingly aids an enemy of the United States..., shall be punished as a military commission ... may direct.”

3. Bush has signed into law the Fiscal Year 2007 Defense Authorization Bill.

3a This bill is massive, containing sections that address 'innocuous' military spending items. However, last minute amendment insertions will allow Bush to control the various States' National Guards (which prior would require the permission of the State's Governor) without a Governor's permission.

3b This would allow a President to suppress a campus demonstration at Harvard with State Guard pulled under Presidential order from Texas.

4. The balance of evidence leans toward proof of the Government's establishment of FEMA Camps, capable of housing thousands of prisoners in over forty locations; some show evidence that 'first arrivals' may be forced to build further facilities to house followers.

5. The neutral objectivity of US voting machinery has been not proven, nor for some companies that manufacture such machinery and have expressed solid support of the Republican Party.

6. Various States' Chief Election Officers have, in past years (Harris, FL 2000, Blackwell, Ohio, 2004), passed regulations or rules that deprived US citizens of their constitutional rights to vote.

7. The US media has consistently refused to address serious investigations of alleged voter manipulation.

8. The Republican Party, driven by Karl Rove and Ken Mehlman, exploits the fears inherent from the policy choices it has conscientiously chosen, and encourages through its media supporters a distorting and violent rendition of liberal Democrats.

9. American media, has, however, covered at great lengths the various recount-Revolutions that have provoked governmental change, demissions or concessions, in the Ukraine, Venezuela, the 'Stans, or recently in Mexico.

10. The overwhelming media 'pass' granted to nearly all Republicans has left both Democratic officeholders and seekers, as well those citizen-supporters, in a form of denied-reality shellshock.

11. As was the case in 2000 and 2004, almost all polls are showing a much greater percentage of US voters seeking a change in US policies through support of Democratic candidates.

12. Strident Democratic, anti-war or anti-Bush demonstrations have been neutralized through suppressions, including unlawful arrests, segregation into 'free speech zones' or denied aircraft boarding through government-sponsored blacklisting.

13. The United States will vote on Tuesday.

14. A positive Democratic result could, given improper media influence, provoke retaliatory Republican riots, while any overwhelming Democratic defeat (through voter suppression or vote-tally manipulation) could truly provoke violent city actions.

15. In the face of citizen reactions to Tuesday's vote, Bush could invoke 'National interest' and declare martial law, summon the National Guard, arrest Democratic supporters, find them guilty under a military commission to established OUTSIDE the incedibly lax scope of the Military Commission Act of 2006, and force them into domestic Guantanamos for...ever.

16. It could begin WEDNESDAY.

17. It is, as of October, LEGAL.

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