01 November 2006

BUSH Assassinates his Presidency...


His own words, my friends: “The enemy we face in Iraq has evolved over the past three years.

His own words, my friends: “Stay the course, stay the course, stay the course, stay the course: We never said "stay the course."

And Dick Cheney? Or Rumsfeld, Rice and any General still on the payroll?

Stay the course, STAY THE COURSE, Stay the Course, stay the course...

You really don't need my interpretation of that, do you?

Okay, okay, this is what you know already: the US President, who as Commander-in-Chief presents weekly to US citizens amazing new vocabulary, including 'Abu Ghraib'd', 'waterboarded' and 'extraordinary rendition flights', was trying NOT to say the following:

Today, in nearly as many months as our country endured the Second World War, I have forced our honorable Armed Forces, as well as the poor, shellshocked and innocent people of Iraq, to inflict grievous injuries upon each other, by an ill-founded and base policy known popularly as 'stay the course'.

In doing so, I have ignored the evolutionary capabilities of our enemy, whose knowledge management skills have obviously benefited overwhelmingly from our occupation presence, to better understand the capabilities of our hardware, and thereby our hard-fighting soldiers' tactical capabilities.

To my unending regret, I must face the fact that my reliance on Donald Rumsfeld's talents appears to be misbegotten. I must face the fact that I ignored Dick Cheney's implementation of Operation Golden Retirement.

I have not upheld the United States Constitution, forsaking my Oath of Office and designing policies consistently to burden greatly the future debt load pawned off to your sons and daughters, and their offspring.

Do not fear for the future: China would not think of dumping their US bonds on the market overnight, thereby destroying our currency and reaping the benefits of out-strategizing its capitalist enemy...

We lowered taxes so low on the rich that most of them have seen a 20 per cent amelioration of their fortunes, while the great majority of you have only seen gas prices rise in similar fashion, forcing your (not without global benefit) to reduce your driving habits.

You know, it could really be said, that 'America's finest days are behind her...', and that the crash of the United States model of government 'of, for and by the people' was never allowed to experience its own evolution, being controled by that same band of cowboys whose fathers helped plan the Fall of the Kennedys...

As I survey this press room, and think about the little I've accomplished, and the great amount that I have destroyed or allowed to be destroyed, I really know that the evolution of our country that I directed was only to help benefit those people whose support made all my millions in retirement funds possible.

So, remember, we Ripoffublicans won many elections by invoking “STAY the course”, while those we've dehumanized as our enemy have evolved...”

Makes you want to cry? Cry for a lost United States...


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