31 May 2007

WADA done with Dick Pound

Friends of the Floyd-family, welcome again...

I came across some articles today, that indicate that Dick Pound, notorious anti-anti-doping regulator, buffoon on five continents, has seen his 'spreading wings' clipped discretely, and honorably (we would hope), as he ventured to wage a mass-media campaign for the ONLY seat in the world of competitive sports that he has proven himself incompetent to attain...


You remember ZENmud's column of March 22, 2007, of course (he wishes)?

Pound's new CRUSADE against justice in SPORT

In which your Humble Narrator and Sage decried the loss of neutrality to that fine institution?

Well, that fine institution has been observing the coming storm, and has taken sufficient steps to prevent a debacle from landing from Montreal, via his first-class-ALWAYS seat on any airline.

Pound, whose rants rave constantly across Blogs, fora and better newspapers anywhere (if that isn't yet a non-sequitor outside the USA, at least), has been stifled by committee - the International Committee for Arbitration in Sport.

The website Gatorsports.com has this AP wire story, excerpted here:

"Italian lawyer Mino Auletta will serve as interim president of the Court of Arbitration for Sport up to three more years, meaning Dick Pound may have to wait until 2010 to launch his bid."


"Pound,... expressed interest in becoming president of world sport's highest court. Instead, he was appointed Tuesday as a council member of the International Council of Arbitration for Sport, which oversees the administration and financing of CAS."

We cycling fans were as appalled as we could be, by the failures of the 'system' over which Pound has presided since the inception of WADA, as seen in the Floyd Landis case brought by the world's most incompetent laboratory, the French LNDD.

Nor were we encouraged to see his naked ambition flaunted across the face of the world's newspapers, as he indelicately strove to attain 'critical mass' in positioning himself, through press releases, as the future CAS/TAS president.

Someone heard, someone counseled, and *someone* has concurred.

Let us breathe easier, as we await the Floyd decision, and its inevitable appeal. Although the ZEN opinion is fixed, on Floyd's innocence (at least in the sense of 'failure to prove'), a question lurks in the ZENmind: would WADA or UCI or USADA appeal the ruling to come this summer?

On what basis?

Not having one desire to reopen the scabs that serve as a French lab's 'standard of work excellence', there is little grounds remaining if Floyd is declared 'not positive' based on these incredibly negligent work efforts by the French lab.

Pound will, according to the International Herald Tribune, join fifteen other members of the ICAS. ZENhopes that that is sufficient dilution of a caustic, acidic substance.


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