17 May 2007


ZENistas, Landistas,


Did you read the French newspapers Thursday?

ITF, the International Tennis Federation (link to French Le Monde newspaper report), WILL NOT have its drug testing performed by LNDD! They will be performed by the
International Drug Testing Management (IDTM), says Le Monde.

See also 'Our nemeses', L'EQUIPE
: this French-article touches on the 2006 process for Roland Garros doping procedures...before LNDD was hot on the FIRE of world press.

Sacré bleu!

What can be happening to the Greatest Lab on the Planet? This exceptional laboratory, which knows beyond anyone else who has doped?

Did you know that means these samples from the world's elite Tennis men and women of the world, will be transported (airplane? Pidgeon?), NOT the 18 km (or approx. 11miles) down the road to le Laboratoir National du dépistage du dopage, but to the far-away city of Montreal, some 3433 km (2,133 miles) across the Atlantic. (map courtesy of: viamichelin.com )

Sacré bleu!

These tests will be achieved in Montreal, says ITF, due to the high cost of the testing at LNDD (vraiment? / really?), while insinuations are rampant, if you read the French-language
article (translation follows - ZENmud Global Translation Services):

"Le laboratoire national de dépistage du dopage (LNDD) de Châtenay-Malabry fait-il peur à la Fédération internationale de tennis (ITF) ?"

(Trans: "Does the National Laboratory for Doping Analysis from Châtenay-Malabry frighten the International Tennis Federation?")

As we've heard in the Floyding Frenzy testimony, LNDD produces THREE times as many positives as any other WADA-accredited laboratory...

Who shouldn't be afraid when science (like a military force?) runs amok?

You all know by now, that ZENmud rarely swears on this site, but! Now we SINCERELY BELIEVE that LNDD is not only FUCKED UP, but a RIP-OFF!!!

Thanks ITF, for showing the way forward... wonder if the Tour de France is also needing to save its sponsors' money this summer?

Stand by for more fun...

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