17 May 2007

Floyding FRENZY ... the noose is wrapping...

ZENistas, Landistas,

I read this extract from the Los Angeles Times coverage of the testimony of Madame Cynthia Mongongu, at the point of cross-examination by Landis' attorney Howard Jacobs:

"Mongongu was also asked about a leak of the April results to L'Equipe, a French sports journal. L'Equipe's report that several of the tests had returned positive results appeared on April 24 — the morning after the tests were completed.

"Mongongu denied passing the results to L'Equipe or knowing who did. She also said that she was never questioned on the matter by the lab's director, Jacques De Ceaurriz."

Forgive me, but: you are a French Governmental employee, in a facility under the direction of Professeur Jacques de Ceaurriz, which is charged with:

a- testing, and if 'positive' confirming, and
b- keeping ALL results confidential.

Until proper 'results management' criteria can be followed.

Although in an arbitration, not a court of law, she is sworn to give truthful testimony.

As Landis' team of attorneys moves forward, they are wise to include all the aspects of the case showing repetitive ignorance (in both senses of the word: as lacking-in-knowledge; as taking-action-in-spite-of-the-rules) by LNDD of the sporting world they seek to serve.

But is it likely that de Ceaurriz would NEVER ask this person, at the heart of the controversy, a member of a team, which is now apparently sinking like the Lusitania, if she knew who was the LEAKER?

It is likely, if de Ceaurriz knows who the leaker is. It is also likely, if de Ceaurriz supports the unrestrained leaking violations of WADA CODE within his agency.

It is unlikely, on the other hand, for her to never be questioned about these leaks to L'Equipe, by the man in charge of maintaining a facility that is under WADA ISL and IST rules, as well as the pertinent ISO standard (
ISO/IEC 17025) for certified lab activities.

One by one, my friends, we'll eliminate the potential leakers: this has great auspices for the future dignity of sports-doping investigations.

Stand by for more fun...

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