22 March 2007

Pound's new CRUSADE against justice in SPORT

Dear ZEN-Readers!

You may love or hate:

Lance Armstrong;

Floyd Landis.

But you cannot deny the name of ONE man, who's illegal, premature and slanted opinions have cast a dark pall over those two Cyclists' reputations: Dick Pound.

Pound, long-time IOC Committee Member, former losing candidate for the Presidency of IOC (won by Jacques Rogge of Belgium: a Count, and a Surgeon!), has been at the Presidency of WADA since its inception. This is an unpaid post with extraordinary travel benefits, as ZEN-conjectured on March 21, 2007: WADA do about WADA?

Pound has been applauded for his zeal, in the fight against doping: sadly, he has slandered and libeled various athletes, contravening WADA CODE rules that limit publicity and confine the dissemination of information under strict confidentiality rules; to the point where he recently was chastised officially by the IOC for comments rendered against Lance Armstrong, the seven-time Tour de France winner who was unjustly accused in the French media for 'doping in the 1999' Tour.

You can read the Vrijman report, which chastised WADA, the French LNDD Lab, and L'EQUIPE newspaper reportet.

You can read also, the WADA retort, here. (NB: ZENmud is now reading it for you!)

What the Hell's NEXT for the world's biggest Sport-Ego?

For Dick Pound, a relentless, media-orchestrated, pre-meditated campaign
is underway, to avail himself of the ONE JOB in Sports, that he has proven incapable of mastering: President of the CAS.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport, in Lausanne, Switzerland, is the final destination of any sport-initiated legal action for doping, as well as other non-doping, sport issues.

Why would the world entrust CAS to a man that has proven himself incapable of restraint, unable to refrain from manipulating the world's Press to influence already on-going sport litigations?

In his defense, he has stated that he would recuse himself from any litigation that came to CAS, as a result of his seven-year presidency of WADA. This is an interesting statement, since he would never act as an arbitrator while sitting as CAS President.

You can read about Pound's campaign here:

You can read about CAS here (ENG):


If you agree that the basis of fighting doping in sports begins with CLEAN athletes, and even-cleaner scientists, Labs and associated Anti-Doping Organizations, then you must take a pen and join in the fight against the nomination of this prejudiced individual to that post.


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