18 May 2007

BUSH league withdrawal pains...


We take a deep breath from hot anticipated coverage of the Floyd Landis v USADA arbitration, to go back into the Macrovision world - the ZEN FIREWatchtower is mighty comfortable tonight...

Bush v Congress v Your sons and daughters in Iraq

If you read any of the White House Press Conferences, for which ZENmud admits a certain lassitude these last weeks, in anticipation of what is, for me, the Trial of the Century (don't ask: go to TrustbutVerify for the latest imbroglio involving Greg Lemond (sigh...)) ...

Sorry, at the White House: Bush wants to 'Stay the Course' without saying so, Congress (the People's House) wants to program a withdrawal. Bush wants to play politics with YOUR Sons and YOUR Daughters overseas, especially as he claims that it is the Congressional Democrats who are playing games with 'our enemies'... as in this Tony Snowcone exchange with correspondent Helen Thomas, from Tuesday's press conference:

MR. SNOW: The American -- again, if you take a look -- for instance, if you want to live and die by the polls, Helen, 60 percent of the American public say, let's go ahead and fund them.

Q Okay. They also say, let's get out.

MR. SNOW: Well, they do want to get out, but they also want to get out under circumstances of victory.

Q Well, is the President listening to them?

MR. SNOW: Of course. And the President also -- you've got to keep in mind, being President is a listening exercise and a leading exercise. And as a leader, not only as a Commander-in-Chief --

Q Does he think they should abide by any of their will?

So I want to address the macro-pullout, not the 'who and when will they decide to'-factors, but the essential factor, seemingly un-addressed throughout the pundit-frenzied world.

Beating a retreat, would center on evacuations of US troops by coalition Air Force(s) support. How would these 150,000 soldiers, marines, etc. pull back? In ever-decreasing circles of influence, the ability to protect mutually a combined, shrinking circumference of safe evacuation zones...

Wow... it bloggles the mind... Meaning: I am troubled by ALL the actions of Bush, as readers are well-aware, but as much as we knew that the Pentagon had NO plans for occupying Iraq, I'm persuaded that, at least publicly, the Pentagon also has minimal plans for evacuation.

Through the Green Zone? Through several of the 'permanent' bases we've established? It would have to begin, logistically, from several points... but what do you do when your force is reduced to below critical mass?

Meaning: below the level that inhibits full-scale assaults?

Can the war Czar answer me, please? (I'm pretty sure you get to read ole ZEN'er once in a while; how's it goin' General?)

A Friday evening rant... good luck to Floyd on this incredible ride you're on...

ç*””*”*”*ç*””* ZENmud *””*ç*”*”*””*ç

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