15 May 2007

Floyding Frenzy : day TWO

Good Morning Europe,

Floyd Landis, victorious in last year's Tour de France, and who was tested 'positive' (barely hours before "L'Equipe" leaked the results... as is its dishonorable role in French society), has again begun its attacks against Floyd, the second consecutive victor from the United States (thus with Lance Armstrong, the pair has won eight of eight Tours de France since 1999).

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Translated from their site by ZENmud himself, is the following article:


"I am really content that this is finally beginning. I am confident. We have a good legal team and an exceptional file. I only hope that the judges (Ed: the three arbitrators on an AAA panel) will be fair." Floyd Landis hasn't budged one iota. At the opening of his ten days of hearing by the American Arbitration Association following his positive test from the Tour de France 2006, the past leader of the PHONAK team once again denied having made use of doping products. From this hearing at Pepperdine University, the rider once again has put the onus on the analytic procedure that revealed this positive test, but hasn't, yet, brought forward the proofs that he announced last week as being "contradictory".

But his attorney has once again brought forward the presumed errors of the Châtenay-Malabry testing laboratory. "This case is a disaster without name," affirmed Maurice Suh. "And this disaster is not the result of one or two things gone wrong. It is the result of many combined things which aren't right." To which, the attorney for the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), Richard Young replied "In spite of the attention that this case has received, the case is really nothing special. It's one case among many similar. Little matter the fashion in which the results are received, the results are positive." And the attorney concluded by reminding that the eight urine tests were all positive.

The 23rd of May, three expert arbitrators must determine whether or not Landis had taken testosterone. If they respond in the affirmative, the American will be subject to two years of suspension and the loss of his title as victor of the Tour de France.

So there you have it folks: notice the last sentence of the second-to-last paragraph: "... the eight urine tests were all positive."

Sad to see sad journalism sadly supported. Floyd, as we all know, was tested eight times. ONLY ONE of his eight Tour-tests had revealed positive results after the urine testing of the A samples. Yet here again rises an insinuation, from what used to be a valiant and honorable French sports journalism source, revealing again the malediction that it has carried since becoming a subsidiary of the Amaury Sports Group, owners of the Tour de France.

The insinuation of eight positive tests, can only be a sloppy pass at reminding its brainwashed followers that the Arbitration Panel allowed certain "re-testing" to be performed at the LNDD facility, which itself is under contention. The 'evidence' gathered (and which may not be permissible as evidence in this hearing) was based on IRMS testing, not urine testing.

And while the urine tests were never eight times positive, what was revealed, through the misadventures of Floyd Landis' official witnesses to the process, was conspiratorily achieved through secrecy, lockouts and disappearing hard-drive data-sets, an evocation of 'positive' test results MANIPULATION.

But it's early in the process, and it appears that the stunning logic and determination displayed and combined throughout the united Floyd defense team, may give rise to hope that this Arbitration is going to proceed with some honor heretofore denied to the new American hero of world cycling.

COURAGE ... to Floyd Fans around the world!

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