15 May 2007

Floyding Frenzy Day TWO update


In yesterday's first morning testimony, Attorney Maurice Suh, just before the lunch break, was cross-examining witness Cedric Shackleton. In his series of questions,he asked him clearly 'You don't use bad chromatography [.....]?'

Shackleton's response, at EXACTLY 03:00:00, (LINK requires passwords, may be better if you start here)was AMAZING:

He clearly said "If I got this, I would send i- I'm sorry...." and stopped.

Suh had him! and unfortunately jumped at the witness' interruption, to ask him to repeat what he was going to say. HE WAS GOING TO SAY: "If I got this, I would send it [back to the idiot that did it!]"

That gave the witness enough time to realize the trap he had just managed to avoid.

His second response was NOT the same; it was clearly the answer that he is being paid $200.00/hour to state for the record:
"If I received this chromatogram, I would think that this was good chromatography."

For the record... that interruption was not the best way to extract the words from Shackleton. Suh should have said "Did you just say SEND IT BACK?"

A slam-dunk moment was avoided... crafty hesitant witness, against a lawyer that knew his moment had come and gone...

A first break in the case... remember where you read this!

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