13 December 2006

True Anniversary of US World War II Involvement

Little ZEN'ers, good-day to you all.I recall the following ZENmud post of 28 November:

World War TWO or Iraq?

**Which itself refers to the original ZENmud post from October 26, 2006:
"No Mission Accomplished"

And ZENmud reminds our faithful readers that these three posts sequentially discuss the coming anniversary, upon which US involvement in Iraq is of a greater duration than that of US involvement in World War II. And, which a great number of mistaken major US sources described as being several weeks ago... :-)

This Saturday, December 16, 2006, will be the true date upon which the illegal United States war in Iraq will have endured a longer span than that of its own legitimate involvement in the Second World War. US citizens are loath to recount true histories, so it leaves Truth Warriors such as himself, ZENmud, and many others, to trumpet the accuracy of history.

War in Europe began in the first weeks of September, 1939, as aggressive strikes by the German Army and Air Force against Poland and Czechoslovakia provoked Declarations of War from France, England and other Allied Powers, against the Axis of Germany and Mussollini's Italy.

All good Republicans, and such business-allied Democrats such as Joe Kennedy, urged and maintained staunch neutralist positions for the intervening years 1939, 1940, 1941...

While England struggled against massive air raids and bombing runs, the United States negotiated, did commerce, and expanded business liaisons between all factions. The Republican-controlled Senate, under such voices as Henry Cabot Lodge, and others, refused to take sides in hopes that its massively increased investments in German capital interests would not be forgone losses.

And thus the parallels strengthen, between Japan's supposedly 'sneak attack' on Pearl Harbor, and Bin Laden's supposedly terrorist aggression against the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, and the subsequent major tremblements that constituted a massive shift in US public opinion, as well as official Government policy.

So, when history looks back at the current conflagration that was stoked by one SHOCK and AWE after another, and the wreckage of Islamic civilization that Bush the Lesser provoked and ordained, remember that this tragic first Act is only the opening portion of the devastation wrought by the accumulated psychosis of post-11 September Fever.


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