28 December 2006

Impeach... or Commit?

The central theme of crystelZENmud in January 2007 will be

"What to do about George the Lesser?"

The clamor for investigations and impeachment is overwhelmingly increasing. Action by investigation under a Democratic House, and Senate, will swiftly establish explicit culpability, for George, Dick, Donald, Condaleeza and, oh... about 200 other people (ZENhopes).

Any subsequent criminal charges will range across various legitimate 'high crimes and misdemeanors', will take at least 6 to 7 months, and create a witches' brew of media-bias that can taint the ability of US Americans to fathom the depths of the acts wrought by three of the worst Congresses, two of the country's worst Attorneys General, and the worst President ever...

Should Bush the Lesser be impeached?

What disqualifies him, I believe, is total insanity: I think George W Bush should be forthwith committed for life into a secured, rehabilitative mental penitentiary facility.

To be continued...


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