26 October 2006

No Mission Accomplished...

You can argue with the following, but the key word is 'with'.

United States involvement in World War II can be pinpointed to have started on December 7, 1941: “A day that will live in Infamy....” And that war ended, September 2, 1945. From the day the bases and stationed battleships were attacked in Pearl Harbor, we count 1,366 days, or 3 years, 8 months and 27 days.

Now, there was no attack of the United States by Iraq in 2002, nor 2003. There was a need, however, seen by an intransigent group of cowboy capitalists, to increase their hold on the reins of power in Washington, DC.

Having possession of the tools of absolute power, this cabal slapped together a plan for ruthless hegemonic conquest, wrapped in the satin of total media support. Stunningly presented to we, the people, as the 'March to War', and reinforced by a presentation to the United Nations that maximized the definition of 'insincere', boosted through an overwhelmingly-lopsided mediatic focus and timed for maximum political benefit, the world witnessed the United States invading Iraq, and the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. As leaders of the economic world, these acts were interpreted by our fellow planetary travelers as a metamorphosis of our modern era through the worst possible light.
(PHOTO Credit: kobnet.net )

But the war began.

That war: the 2nd Iraqi War, or the Second Bush War, or the Third Oil War, has now gone forward over 1,300 days, and will attain the longevity of the US involvement in World War II before Christmas: December 16th, 2006: 1,366 daze.


Consider the financials:

World War II costs in then (current) and 1990 dollars were:
288 billion (current) or 2,091.3 billion (1990)

Our Iraq II, or Bush II, or OIL War III has cost at best:
300 billion (2005) or TWO TRILLION

(Short-sighted non-thinkers, tend to forget to factor-in the long-term medical costs for our veterans that have suffered grievous injuries and Depleted Uranium poisoning, as well as the interest paid by financing this war off-budget through sales of bonds to China, Japan and the developed world)

Not to forget that Coalition members offered the US some 54 billion in contributions for US aggression against Saddam in the Persian Gulf war: perhaps the best warfare 'deal' a government ever negotiated!

How to turn back Humanity from the dark and eerie abyss of total egotism and abject derogation of powers?

Turn back? Or move forward?

Forward, or above: into a greater Humanity.....?


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