11 December 2006

FLASH FORWARD: 2008 - Bush and extradition

I do believe, in about March of 2008, we'll be reading of the global manhunt for George W Bush, indicted ex-President of the United States, whose overnight escape under protection of a military contingent was as much a surprise to the American media as were any of his 'surprise' visits into Iraq, for Thanksgiving or subsequently...

Hi kG :-)

And if there were to be a manhunt, would it center on Bush' newly-acquired land in Paraguay? A land in which there only recently exists a treaty for the extradition of US citizens? (Deliciously ZEN, if Bush the Lesser was the first US citizen extradited from Paraguay under this treaty...)

Bush the Lesser wants to have his fervent fecal followers, recently exposed as comprising the more demented portion of US citizens, believing until the end, the very end, that he is in charge and working with purpose and with competent advisors to bring the Iraq intervention to a successful end.


No one recalls how, in late 1991, Papa Bush, “Bush the Greater” was being requested after his Persian Gulf triumph, to resolve the problem of the New England-centric and nationally-expanding rise in unemployment? And he, wise and noble Republican leader, said in the middle of November 1991 (paraphrased): “Just wait until my State of the Union speech, when I'll be focusing on jobs, jobs Jobs!” And that catchy phrase, was actually first used by our Most DANGEROUS American, James A. Baker III, in describing the Persian Gulf War!

I watched Bush the Greater live when he spoke the Jobsx3: I watched, as he announced to hurting US citizens that if they were watching TV in three months' time, he would give a speech that would address this issue.

Have you fathomed the import of this point?

The response of Bush the Greater, to a growing economic malaise that promoted Bill Clinton's rallying cry 'It's the ECONOMY, stupid!', was that citizens should abide three more months of government inattention, after which speech, Congress could, would, or maybe not (mindful that this was a Democratic Congress in those halcyon days...) take action, and thus the 'solution' of Bush the Greater to 'jobs jobs jobs' could/would only be implemented sometime about a half-year later...

That is when I knew that any Democrat could beat the father of the worst and current president in the history of the United States. Or any Democrat facing Bush and third party candidate Ross Perot...

And thus as this 2008 manhunt for Bush the Lesser intensifies, with mysterious disappearances and deaths by investigating US reporters (see Litvenenko ) as an impediment in tandem with the lack of investigatory aid from the 2008 Paraguayan government, the newly-sworn Republican Presidential replacement would...


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