15 December 2006

Read Brent Budowsky

He's often writing at Buzzflash, and here's a piece from the Huffington blog, to wit:

"The President, cheered by the throngs of the one party Republican Congress, instituted an Iraq Reconstruction with the Proconsul he named, staffed that Reconstruction with Republican campaign operatives, stiffed that Reconstruction with war profiteers of gargantuan greed, who stuffed their pockets with taxpayers money while our troops shed their blood in patriotism, and the Republican Congress shed their responsibility for oversight, one of the great derelictions of duty in history."

Where are you going to find eloquence and jaws of steel at the same stroke of the pen! ZENmud, little Zen'ers, is oh!struck... :-)

He's worth a Google-day...

ZENmud :-)

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