22 December 2006

Rambling Riddle Answers... Petrolcontrol

Zen'ers, did you peruse my facts and hypotheticals as presented yesterday, here in this blog?

The dozens of you that read these, have a chance to grasp the deep meaning of my analysis of yesterday. A viewpoint exists, that cannot be found even by reading the MSM (for whom 'Main Stream Media analysis' equals a non-sequitor, almost) of the world's approach to the 'Post-Bush' decade.

One has to look deeply, across the micro-daily events and seek the intersecting macrohistoric, macrovision tangents, which are very obtuse.

World War ONE: the 1914 to 1918 war featured the alliance of FR, UK and USSR, the US (1916 only) and Italy, against the 'Central Powers' (including Austro-Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire). Upon victory by the western alliance partners in 1918, amongst activities associated with the Treaty of Versailles, the Ottoman Empire was divided by the victors into the current States, which include Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Jordan (then Trans-Jordan).

So much Western analysis of WWI ignores the southern conflicts, the containment by the British-Arab alliance to repel the Ottoman Empire's attempt, with German support, to reach and secure the oil-bearing lands of Saudi Arabia, Egypt (it was then thought), Iraq and Iran. That is a key macrohistoric fact.

World War TWO: Hitler formed the Axis with Mussolini's fascist government (go to Italy, and see the commemorative sites displaying the names of Italy's fallen sons in the '1938-1945 Nazi-Fascist War', declared Germany's need for 'Lebensraum' and promptly followed his initial Blitzkreig that terrorized the Czechoslovakians and the Low Countries (Belgium, Holland), with actions ranging down into the Saharan desert zone. Rommel's army helped Hitler's bold southern quest, in the hands of the Italian Army to start with...

Cold War: CIA and KGB danced around the Middle Eastern region, with Mossedegh's overthrow in Iran (Hello, Shah), French and English hostilities against Egypt in the Suez Canal crisis, and a series of oil-countries' dictators enjoying the fruits of their political monopoly over oil extraction and refining revenues.

Post-Cold-War Era: as discussed in great detail yesterday, the Bush dynasty's series of Middle Eastern wars must be filtered through a discerning eye for the great trends in oil exploration and exploitation (both for the resources acquired, and the acquired political dictators who gained great wealth by repressing their own societies...)...


Bin Laden demanded that the US bases be removed from Saudi Arabia, jihad was his methodology of achievement. Bush and Rumsfeld acquiesced to his demand, under the war-glazed profit-seeking eye of the United States' MSM.

Those bases were easily transfered (not physically, per se, but in strike-capacity) into the vast recesses of the Iraqi desert.

If the US is intent on securing physical protection of and access to the world's major oil fields, as undertaken by this regime chock full of oil market players (Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld... ad infinitum), that intent appears multi-generational, appears to further the aims of French and English interests since before World War I, and appears to be metastasizing into a 'trench war' phenomenon, as were Vietnam, and World War I.

Iraq has become the trench, into which both sides are willing to
commit further numbing atrocities, in quest of petrolcontrol.


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