02 January 2008

2008: the Year of Truth

This year feels so different, from what we had anticipated at ZENmud productions creative energy center...

Faithful readers may forgive a post that borders on the way-too intimate... it is written to an audience of one: likely the only person on this planet who won't read it.

2007 will be long remembered for the losses sustained, globally and personally, and ZENmud will dispense briefly with the former, and concentrate more on the latter.

2007 was the year in which the Democratic party regained voter support to wrench, from the Bush misAdministration's control, the direction of the 'Ship of State'; citizens were aghast to find out that this would not change the 'ship's course', and it proved a ZENmud postulate: both United States political parties have only one interest - tapping the taxpayers' funds to aid and abet their own friends' interests...

was the year in which this 2006 ZENmud statement came true, regarding the Bush DOCTRINE:

“Governing Americans can be a sick, profitable joke, and we Republicants can make this JOKE SICKER than anyone ever has...”

(Written in pink in order to honour our first Gay (or bisexual) President)

On the personal side, this year began and ended with profound hopes. Unfortunately, those whose hopes had corresponded with ZENmud's, at various times, found themselves far away as the year closed.

One was set free unwillingly, and rather abruptly, and one silently disappeared, allowing ZEN central to experience both sides of the money of rejection.

She who silently walked away... this is devoted to honouring the memory of a shared month of joy, which will never be forgotten.

Did it begin with a walk under the cold full moon, or is that when it ended?

Was it only a shoulder, that felt her hand's graceful and warmly-supportive caress? Was it only soft masculine lips, that were entranced by the beauty found in her eastern kissing habits?

When talking of the names for a baby, maybe we didn't, maybe we did...

Living in a tent, maybe she wanted to, maybe she wanted me to, or we two... or maybe not...

If we were together while afar, were we or weren't we one in spirit?

If ages were important, they were never discussed, were they, or not?

If an error happened, it did, but didn't it need to be proclaimed?

Is silence a reason or an effect, if unwanted deceit (by two beings in love) is perceived? Who blames who for what?

Not knowing, is the worst of the possible outcomes...

It would have been karma-fulfilling and relieving, to have heard:

"I cannot continue, and I wish you all the best..."
"I didn't realize, and I don't hold you responsible..."

But "ya tebya lyublyu" was the first Russian she taught, admonishing that it was reserved for people that were serious, and ready to marry...

ZENmad was such a man, for some time, and for that feeling of total serenity, the loss is less, the emptiness under repair, and the 'power outage' is restored... so much to do, in the next fifty years...

Courage, to a lover of Kazakhstan's beauty,
from a lost admirer of
that country's greatest treasure: lyublyu away....

___çç*******/ ZENmud \*******çç___
© 2008

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