24 January 2008

WORLD ECONOMIC headache...

Living at lakeside, in picturesque, Puck-ish 'Château Ghetto'...

ZENmud couldn't discern of eyes became irritated this morning from the large-scale inversion trapping fumes from thousands of spewing cars, power plants and more, around the Geneva countryside, or...

... if eyes were burning due to the presence of Pervey Mushroomazz across the ranges, over there at the World Economic Forum, which began yesterday, in the absolutely posh resort of Davos, CH.

"I can feel it, spewing in the air tonight..."

Who's in Davos this week?

Pervey Mushrazraz

aka 'THE LIFE of the party'... this photo looks like he just found out good news about rivals to power, non?

apparently Condaleeza Rice is
also somewhere nearby...

although we at ZENmud productions
are a bit sceptical....

because there are no rabbits,
and Rabbits go so good with

HEADLINES of tomorrow:

"Decadent George goes all out for
final Easter Bunny parade, in
crazy custom contest costume"

Will Rice be helping the world work on the 'road map' for peace, or does she need to remember the ZENmud roadmap for Bush the Lesser?

If you've impatiently been waiting for more macrovision from crystelZENmud, apologies are all we can offer, as our other blog

WADAwatch has been occupying a great deal of time recently, hopefully the balance can be maintained as we rev up to the US Super Tuesday in two weeks or less...

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