05 October 2006



What can one say about the House co-Chairman of the (See Wonkette's post) House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children, if not that this exhibits (for maybe the last time?) the truth of the Bush the Lesser's 'Doctrine'?

Which is:

“Governing Americans can be a sick, profitable joke, and we can make this JOKE SICKER than anyone ever has...”

Imagine if you will, a country which believes in the universe painted so darkly by the Republicans:

terrorists are EVERYwhere so.... we should change the Constitution to reflect the 'greater menace';

America is so unSAFE, we should send our Armies to distant lands and create a greater stream of terrorists through undiscriminating attacks on civilians, wedding ceremonies and children;

At FIVE thousand dollars apiece, we should 'buy' denouncements of neighbors by Iraqi and Afghani citizens, to fill our prisons with innocent men we can call 'dangerous terrorists', whose only crime would be to signal (upon release) to the world, the effects of those neighbors' false accusations that were accepted by American authorities; their imprisonment, torture and the correlated increase of funding to expand and 'improve' the facilities represented by installations at Guantanemo, etc...

The Katrina-ing of American society: perhaps the first measurable case of “disaster-occasioned ethnic cleansing” in world history...

And FOLEYTIO... Soon to be a term of art to describe sick, sexual practices by people in power against young innocent Americans...

It all accumulates in the psyche of the average American... and throughout Wal-Mart America, this resonance is in disharmony with the fecal desire of Republicans to inflict more of their policies on more and more of the world. And who can tell, what drives someone 'postal' more than moral despair?

Democrats certainly aren't perfect, but a page is ALWAYS younger than an intern: 16 will get ya 25 in some states...

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