30 January 2008

Sixty - Forty - Twenty ...

January 30... sixty years ago:

In 1948, people in India were saddened (understatement) to find their 'Father of the Nation', Mahatma Gandhi, had been assassinated by a Hindu 'extremist' (a word we know so well today...), named Narayan Vinayak Godse...

Mahatma was shot three times... this photo comes from Geneva, Switzerland, a mural that adorns the wall of the largest Salle of the 'House of Associations', where Oxfam and many other NGOs have their Geneva offices.

Would Gandhi have any more influence on events of our turbulent deadly decade, then the noted non-violent Statesmen of our era?

At ZENmud productions, we don't believe he could have changed our current history... '

January 30... forty years ago:

United States armed forces were caught unprepared for the Tet offensive
in Vietnam, an action that turned the war, in a year that turned the world, away from peace, and, with the election of Richard Nixon, brought on the beginning of the era in which we find ourselves aghast, sometimes, at the unceasing violence that brings pain to the mothers, and wealth to the arms merchants globally...

As a Human being, opposing war in all contexts, seeking peace in all cultures, one wonders how the world we love, has been taken over, in the States and elsewhere, by arms merchants and the politicians who amass your wages and spend them on DeathTOYS...

These men couldn't join Gandhi, in following his words of peace, because they were all gunned down by 'people who hate(d) Democrats'...

Martin Luther King

Robert F Kennedy

And twenty years ago?

Not much: Reagan was handing off the ball, Gipper to Bush the Greater, having shrugged off Kerry's investigations and the Iran contra scandal... and this, from the New York Times archives:

Edwin Meese was told of payments to be made to the Israeli Labor Party for help in arranging a billion-dollar Iraqi oil pipeline, present and former Government officials said.

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