28 December 2007

No jokes in Pakistan...

At ZENmud productions, we've seriously debated whether this line of thought will send assassins to our door...

What happened these last days in Pakistan, seems like a message, but not the kind that the press is discussing on Page ONE.

We're lost, thinking of how Benazir Bhutto's death is the culmination of several intersecting lines of past history and current events. Without the key elements, however (and 'whew!!!' that we don't know those...), the only thing to do is to cast these disparate elements on the table, like I Ching yarrow sticks...


In 1996 or so, the Taliban were created and installed in Afghanistan, as a means of solidifying a rogue State; the group was trained and exported from Pakistan. Pakistan was then the first State to recognize, diplomatically and officially, the new Afghani government.

As we saw in newsreels, some of which were included in the Michael Moore film FAHRENHEIT 9-11, at about that same time, a pipeline was under discussion between various governments and the US company UNOCAL; Moore showed footage of the Taliban being entertained by Governor GW Bush.

At about the same time that the Taliban refused to dance, on the UNOCAL proposal,
or shortly thereafter, the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) was hotting up its rhetoric, calling for a 'Pearl Harbor' type of 'cataclysmic event' that would force US citizens to think differently about foreign policy.

In 1999, Pervez Musharraf became President of Pakistan, in an ingenious coup-d'Etat: while circling over Pakistani soil in a plane, former PM Sharif had refused entry to Musharraf's plane, after a short 'war' with India had gone very much awry. That war, planned by Musharraf, was condemned by the international community, yet! When Musharraf was denied entry by Sharif, that provoked the PK generals to oust Sharif, allowing Musharraf to land with some seven minutes of fuel remaining.

One cannot but include the bin Laden/Bush/Baker/Major connections through the Carlyle Group, a major privately-held US corporation that invests in the machinery of war, and recently has diversified into communications acquisitions.

Bush takes over the US Presidency, from a decision by the US Supreme Court.

Bin Laden (AKA Usama during Clinton's reign, changed to 'Osama' during the Bush administration) makes himself central player of the three Islamic dynamos, being Yassar Arafat, Saddam Hussein, and Usama bin Laden.

Bush creates his first WAR Coalition, to take over the Taliban government, reek havoc on the innocent Afghani people (mostly, and nearly bombed out of existence over the preceding twenty years).

Bush takes Musharraf's offers of support and alliance with the US government, paying a monstrous amount of money annually for Pakistan's help on the "WAR FOR TERROR" (A ZENmud post on that here), from 2001 until today.

IRAQ... sigh...

Throughout these war-wearied years, a dance between Bush, Musharraf and bin Laden has undermined American support of the perpetual Bush war plans... and bin Laden has enjoyed perhaps the longest streak of failures ever displayed by the 'mightiest force on Earth'... due to complicity by any of his partners, whom we can only fear knowing, whether domestically located within the USA, or elsewhere.

AND, reading today about the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, ZENmud productions is left with one recurring thought:

IF Bhutto, an opponent of Musharraf, was assassinated by factions loyal to bin Laden, then there can be no doubt on Earth, that bin Laden is showing gratitude towards his host, as a GUEST, for the luxury of a peaceful existence so near to two US Armed Forces actions, by reducing the Pakistani opposition to 'rubble'.

IF it isn't clear yet, who's playing whom against whom, it could very well be that there is no part of any recent history emanating from these 'Stanistan' countries, that IS as it APPEARS to be.

Is the last series of Pakistan events, rotating between Bhutto's return, the emergency martial law month, and now her assassination, a reward for Musharraf (or his military, or Intelligence Service?), to Musharraf, for his perpetual "We honestly don't know..." responses to those who 'want' to find bin Laden???


The Perverzions of Two Presidencies...

After America, what?

Try this at home...

Courage, as the uncontrollable expands exponentially

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