04 January 2008

OBAMA hey Bama ...

There's a certain taste of clean victory today coming out of Iowa... but a central tenet of crystelZENmud, is to avoid the daily conjecture, and surf the wave of trends, focussing always on the goal, of rendering this planet worthy to give to following generations.

ZENmud productions was lucky enough to find a great song, that was put out through the Des Moines Register: enjoy this three minutes, even if you're from the 'other party'.

Written by Jason Walsmith, guitarist from the Nadas, a group native to Iowa, his choice of lyrics presents a frank concept of the media political show that IS a presidential campaign, as it invaded and occupied Iowa, and is now en tour to New Hampshire, and then to Super Tuesday.

ZENmud is publishing a self-produced transcript of the lyrics, at a time when it is likely that Jason is asleep: we don't know if he's satisfied with the results of the caucuses ('cauci'?), or not.

Anyway, rejoice that, of all the changes in the USA (Including the Lakota Nation), that humour is still alive!

Get outta our town (Campaign Lament)

Jason Walsmith

You say that it's cold here... but the people are warm,
You asked us to caucus, and drive through a storm.

You asked us to rally, and hold up a sign
You asked us to bring our friends, and volunteer time.

Get out of our town!
Get out of my face!

You barged into our home,
With your political race.

Get out of our town!
Get out of my head!

You asked me to vote,
I bring my money instead.

All the restaurants are full, you can't find a seat.
You gotta be a Senator, to grab a bite to eat.

All the rooms are booked: blame CABLE TV,
Chris Dodd bought a house here, to have a place to sleep.

Obama brought Oprah, and Hillary has Bill,
Everybody has famous friends, on Capital Hill.

Huckabee has Chuck Norris, who votes with his fists,
Kevin Bacon loves Edwards, by one degree (not six).

Get out of our town!
Get off of my phone!

Don't wanna be pushed,
Don't wanna be pulled.

Get out of our town!
That'd be just fine...

Please remember to recycle,
Those wasted yard signs.

John Edwards never left here; Fred Thompson was late.
Was that really a snowman, on the YouTUBE debate?

But we really are nice here, and we really do care,
We'll save you a porkchop, at the Iowa State Fair!

Get out of our town!
Get out of our state!

(But universal health care,
Would really be great!)

Get out of our town!
Take a giant step back.

And go somewhere else,
To argue Iraq!!!

Get out of our town!
Get out of my face!

You barged into my home, with your political race......

Jason Walsmith of The Nadas (Video click here)

Of note, in a world that is packaged, is instant access to sincere opinions, creatively offered.

Of historical note, the first place that ZENmud himself was ever lost from his family, was at the Minnesota State Fair.

Thanks Jason!

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