16 January 2008

What is that in YOUR Bush?

Do you believe that Bush the Lesser lowered taxes?

You sincerely believe that he had to 'fight them terr'ists over there, so we wouldn't have to fight them over here'?

And you believe that we've turned our backs on the Bush league's plan for reforming Social Security?

How about Bush, evidently waking up for the fifth time, as to the conflicts between Israel and the Palestinians? Looks like they're nearly married now, after seven years of the Bush misAdministration's treatment?

A believer in Enron's loyalty and beneficence to its employees?

Our finest hour as Americans, came in forming the Coalition of the Willing, including our staunchest allies, from the island nation of Vanatu?

At ZENmud productions, we question your premises.

Bush the Lesser didn't lower taxes: he inadequately financed the introduction of his rampant growth of the Government's budget, mostly aligned with the War President's burdens. The tax rates he lowered, only means that taxes tomorrow must be boosted, if anyone sane is elected President.. Taxes are perpetual; balancing the necessary spending to the collected revenues is not the rocket science Bush apparently believes it to be.

Federal taxes, being a function for financing fiscal expenditures in response to the implementation of budgeted programs, is a perfectly reasonable series of mathematical balance sheet entries. Bush is the only president in American history to lower taxes at the same time that he initiated two wars.

It's really simple.

If we agree that we need X trillion dollars to fund the machine of State, we need an intake of funds in rough parity (X +/– five per cent?) to that figure.

The Republican Congress, in full support of the
misAdministration's war–lust (at the Cabinet level), implemented with gusto each mistaken, misguided policy devised by Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Wolfowitz, Perle and their benumbed minions.

We didn't need to 'reward', with lowered taxes, the RepublicanT's 'base' that elected Bush the Lesser, at the same time we're printing billions of dollars, borrowing more from China and other friendly allies or strategic partners, all of which are being chucked 'out the window' into bank vaults abroad.

How? Through such corrupt 'vehicles' as Halliburton, KBR, Blackwater, the Carlyle Group, etc.

World War II may only have succeeded because American citizens loaned their own savings (remember, or heard of “WAR BONDS”?) to their government for the purchase of planes, bullets and much more. Billions and billions of dollars.

But there is no WAR BOND program today... our grandchildren will have that joy, of knowing that their grandparents were so in fear of a man in a cave across the planet from us, built expressly for his use by the CIA (some 25 years ago)... tis the grandchildren of the future, whose burdensome repayments of the War President Bush misAdministration will recall the phrase 'broke the camel's back'.

There were no Al Qaida in Iraq, prior to US removal of the only man in Iraq capable of keeping them out: Saddam Hussein.

Bin Laden must have praised Allah for this miracle: the United States actually cleared the path for his forces' invasion of Baghdad itself, and most of Iraq's eighteen provinces.

There probably is a sign in Arabic or Farsi that says 'George W Bush International Terrorist Institute – Baghdad campus ahead 1km'.

Like this?

Apparently America has adopted, not the rule of law or civilized resolution of conflicts, but merely the rules of a bully.

There has to be an erroneous basis in one's personality formation, to enjoy inflicting pain on others, on seeking to increase self–worth, or self–satisfaction, through the use of demeaning interactions, both as State–to–State or as individuals.

Bullies achieve this, experience it and relish the concept of further provocations.

Bullies rarely grow out of that mindset.

Social Security: you wanted it 'fixed'?

You agreed with Bush that this program is bound to (and will) collapse without a radical deregulation of retirement financing, from Federal control to the private sector?

Please! Do your homework.

There's only one problem in the financing of Social Security. It recurs every ten to 25 years or so, apparently. The last time it was fixed, was in 1983. Under Rocket Ron Reagan.

With Alan Greenspan as the head of the Commission, they proposed the one simple adjustment necessary to realign SS income and expenditures. They, Republicans, recommended RAISING the maximum salary level for SS contributions up to $87,600.00 annually.

If the same action were undertaken today, boosting the ceiling from 87K to... say $116,000 annually, the resulting increase in funds would be sufficient to replenish and counteract the boost in benefits payments that corresponds with the Boomers' retirements.

In their haste to waste the Social Security system, the Bush misAdministration forgets to remind people that retiring 'Boomers', admittedly more numerous as a retiring generation than ever before, were also the generation that invented 'DINK' couples: 'double–income–no–kids'. Very relevant, as Bush and his lackeys don't talk about the reductions in benefits paid to children, which are decreasing nearly as fast as the increase in benefit payments to retirees.

Never forget, as well, that the SocSec Administration (SSA) is actually one of the leanest government programs on this planet: Paul Krugman has pointed out that SSA pays out about 99 per cent of their budget as benefits; only one per cent of the SSA budget is retained to pay for staff and administrative costs!

If we hadn't gone to war with Afghanistan and Iraq in these last seven years, in what status would be the Second Intifada today? If Israel and the Palestinian Territories are no closer today than they were in Carter or Clinton's days, how 'interesting' to see Bush agitate and voyage for a 'solution' as his misAdministration jockeys in vain to allow this pissant tripe of a President to 'acquire a legacy'.

Sincerely, the situation in the Middle East
is much worse than you care, Mr Bush.

Water supply and use, for Palestinians (mostly sourced out of aquifers and systems under increasingly rapacious Israeli control), has dropped annually, as well and maybe in proportion to the spread of illegal Israeli settlements and the Israelis' Apartheid wall.

Make sure that the photographers capture your sincerity, Herr Bush; it will play well on FOXnews.

Enron, oh! For the good old days...

When a Bush Pioneer tanks his corporation, and seeks aid from George the Lesser (while selling off stock for profit) how did Ken Lay take the news, finding out that dear George 'hardly knew the man'...

Ken was the same man who had been national co–chairman for his father's reelection campaign in 1992, and still Bush wouldn't bail him out.

(Never mind Enron's role in the California energy market deregulation fiasco, while counseling Cheney so well as to the Administration's pro–fossil fuel National Energy Policy)

Every day that goes by in our occupation of Iraq, is a day that sucks money out of your grandchildrens' funding for their university costs in 2020.

Thanks to Bushism, increases in terrorist training opportunities abound in Iraq, where concentration by this deviate misAdministration corrupts policy opportunities for Israel and the Palestinian Territories, and increases the off–shore banking accounts from all the corrupt government officials and their government–contractor friends, who've funnelled your tax dollars into their pockets.

Denigrating good and loyal allies in a most insulting fashion, destructive domestic and foreign policy choices, dramatically reduced the world's perceptions of the precepts of American society.

No matter who replaces George W Bush in one year and one week, their task won't be easy.

If the dollar tanks, now historically lower and not likely to reverse course in the next ten years, Americans may find themselves back to work, soon, in companies seeking lower global costs, in the country that formulated 'globalism' as a means of accomplishing the same thing.

And if in this next year, 'the Faithful' awaken to the hangover produced by seven years of lynch–mob activities, as the bullies supporting the global Bully–in–Chief, what attitude should one offer them?

What is that in YOUR Bush?

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