10 October 2007

Don't drive through Portland with your TOPOFF...

Once upon a time, a woman decided to let herself become 'the love of my life'...

When my Life was in the States...

What are you on about, ZENmud?


Her name was Alma, and she was or is (still) a Portland girl now... happy and living far away from her SnowGod... but all of a sudden, Portland is all over the Internet, due to a coming exercise sponsored by the Homeland Security Agency... which we haven't written about since the earliest ZENdays, here's a reminder!

[SIDEBAR: that article referenced above, noted that the HomeSec webpages had some 'disinformation errors', which apparently have been corrected; if you'd read my previous article, it's history, toast, compost!]

Anyway, if Alma were a 'Net-ish woman, she'd probably be hoppin' in the convertible to get down to Laughlin or somewhere... after reading these links!

TOPOFF prepares Portland for Disaster

In a simulated sense, that is. The department's Topoff 4 security exercise will gauge how well officials react to the dropping of a radiological dispersal device, or a "dirty bomb."

Topoff 4 is set to hit the Rose City between Oct. 15 and 24.

The exercise, which will test local and federal responses to a simulated terrorism act, will draw hundreds of Department of Homeland Security observers to Portland.


More than 4,000 gear up for dirty bomb exercise in Portland

Gov. Ted Kulongoski joined Portland Mayor Tom Potter in Salem today to announce that final preparations are under way for Oregon to be part of the largest anti-terrorism exercise in the nation's history later this month.

A fictional "dirty bomb" will go off in downtown Portland, crippling transportation and sending a radioactive cloud over the city, as part of the five-day Top Officials exercise -- dubbed "TOPOFF" -- starting Oct. 15. It will involve more than 50 local, state and federal agencies, and five counties.


If you like it raw and conspiratorial, chère Alma, try this one! It's a reprint of an article in The Oregonian (and MORE)...

Different shades of unthinkable

(from website (new to crystelZENmud) the Truthseeker...)

In a little over a week, the largest terror drill in US history will focus on Portland again. TOPOFF, Oct. 15-19, is designed give "Top Officials" a chance to react to a catastrophic scenario -- a "dirty nuke" terror attack uncomfortably similar to the Noble Resolve nuke attack of two months ago.

The Bush administration will be running more than one exercise -- just as it did on 9/11. Joining TOPOFF will be Vigilant Shield, which intelligence insiders believe will practice the dictatorship directive, NSPD 51. The name "Vigilant Shield" brings to mind "Vigilant Guardian," the 9/11/2001 Air Force exercise that pulled away fighter aircraft supposed to guard mainland America and sent them off to counter a simulated Russian attack in Alaska.

So is this going to be "Nine-Eleven West", in the heart of a socially liberal Democratic-leaning state very close to California?

I'm not there yet...

But it's worth reading!!!

Courage, Alma dear...


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