29 October 2007

First Annual - crystelZENmud Global Peace Prize 2007

ZENmud Productions has been casting about extensively for the awarding of the first-ever crystelZENmud Global Peace Prize (2007)... a new and prestigious prize dedicated to acknowledge the heroes of our time.

Criteria to win this prize are pure, thus simple:

1- Bringing every part of one's consciousness to the problem at hand;
2- Never acting contrarily to the attainment of that situation;
3- No recourse to violence in the pursuit of the goal;
4- Recognition as a symbol of nearly-universal proportions.

Many human beings were put onto this 2007 list; but the first in-house criteria was not to become a parrot of the Nobel Peace Award...

So Al Gore couldn't be considered after his announcement as one of the joint winners of this year's Nobel prize, with the IPCC.

Other candidates of a political or NGO-based nature were numerous, and it would not be fair to some of those, to list names that were under consideration...

But in-house lobbying was all that could be desired: novel idea, innovative reasoning, universal and instantaneous approval for this year's winner, the first ever crystelZENmud Global Peace Prize winner:

The Polar Bears: Ursus MARITIMUS

In a world supporting only 20 thousand of these beautiful, stark symbols of eternal grace and power, there are new reports of their loss of habitat in the northern Arctic regions.

In an interview at Smithsonian.com, Steven Amstrup discusses the 'prognosis' and with his final response, ends optimistically:

We looked only to the end of this century. And based on the best estimates of future sea ice, we forecast that there would still be polar bears remaining in the Canadian Arctic Islands. Humans caused the problem, and humans can fix the problem. We predict that there will be polar bears around to repopulate their territory if sea ice comes back. It's an expression of hope.

A web-page at Earth Trends monitors with a 2007 study, the status of the diminishing polar bear habitat; they present very compelling information of a rational scientific basis.

Realistic ad optimistical, crystelZENmud believes that the world, with two millennia of power-acquisition and exploitative economic short-term goals achieved with a wake of detritus, will be changed for the better if one considers the quality of the lives of those who share our Belle Planète, and gives motivation to the movements for sustainable growth of moderated human populations...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This first Annual crystelZENmud Global Peace Prize is, in addition dedicated to my mother Mary Louise, who walked upon this earth for 89 years of inner peace, and outer calm, and who left today, amidst pains, love and the weight of our world-gone-Bush.

Fly high above, l'esprit d'une Mère fantastique...

COURAGE, family of Humanity, for a peaceful tomorrow...

ç*”*”*””*ç”*”* ZENmud ”*””*ç*”*”*””*ç”

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