18 October 2007

Warm Arctic Winds devastating the balance...

Back in August, ZEN Central informed on the new heated race to explore and verify any oil content under the Arctic Ocean, and your Humble Writer stated this:

Top o' the Planet to you...

Is the opening Arctic Ocean NOW available for oil exploration, extraction, exploitation and exhaustion, due to the lack of substantive global action?

Can YOU read between the lines? Can any oil company profit from the potential vast reserves, cut-off from exploitation as long as sea-ice ruled the winter waters?

Observe a NASA photo, and imagine the impossibility of putting deep-water oil platforms on ice-shields that shifted, cracked, and were impossible to work with.

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Under the radar screen, as the world concentrates on the France v USA race to Iran, or the Russia and Caspian Alliance in resistance of that, there are articles now published that, in observing this last summer 2007, state evidence is accumulating which presages a bad turn in our most Northerly lands...

Read from any of these articles found at BBC.com

'Warm wind' hits Arctic climate
(Last Update: 18 October 2007)

The Arctic is being hit by melting ice, hotter air and dying wildlife, according to a US government report on the impact of global warming there.

Ice melt raises passage tension
(Last Update: 8 October 2007)

In another sign of potential friction in the warming Arctic, Canada has warned that it will step up patrols of the Northwest Passage.

Arctic ice island breaks in half
(Last Update: 1 October 2007)

The giant Ayles Ice Island drifting off Canada's northern shores has broken in two - far earlier than expected.

In the analysis that you can do yourself, ZENers or ZENistas should be worried; does one prefer that the Arctic melt, the caribou die (who by nature live in the cold, are adapted for that and not warmer climates?)...

ut! You may say, we have a better chance now of finding OIL there, and of course, that is the most important thing...

adly, without


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